Our contribution to UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At myotwin, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on global sustainability through our innovative approach to cardiac preclinical research. Aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, our work revolves around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), recognizing their significance for governments, civil society, the private sector, and the scientific community worldwide.

The importance of SDGs in science

The 2030 Agenda established a comprehensive framework for socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable development. myotwin recognizes the pivotal role of the SDGs in fostering a humane life globally and establishing a solid foundation for the future.

Promoting good health and addressing gender inequality

Two key SDGs central to our mission are Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3) and Gender Equality (SDG 5).

Under the umbrella of Good Health and Well-being, myotwin is at the forefront of revolutionary heart research. Our research and high-tech methodologies enable the testing of heart muscle tissues with various medications and toxicity assessments. This, in turn, propels advancements in future heart research, ensuring more effective therapies and significantly contributing to better health and well-being globally.

myotwin understands that gender inequality disproportionately affects women and girls in the realm of medicine. Our research technology enables us to work with human stem-cell-derived tissues from all genders. This will support our mission of ensuring that gender-specific differences are considered in preclinical drug development. By addressing these challenges, we contribute to creating a more equitable and healthier world.

Reducing inequalities through innovative research

Reducing Inequalities (SDG 10) is another vital focus of our work. myotwin leverages cutting-edge technology to change the landscape of preclinical research, particularly in the field of cardiac studies. Our commitment to avoiding animal testing not only benefits animal life but also advances pharmaceutical and medical practices, leading to reduced inequalities in healthcare outcomes.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future

At myowtin, we invite you to join us on our journey towards achieving the SDGs. Together, we can create a world where gender equality is prioritized, health disparities are reduced, and innovative research leads to positive global impact. Explore our research services and be part of the change towards a sustainable and equitable future.

Learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals here or reach out to us directly to better understand, how myotwin is making a difference in cardiac preclinical research.


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