We have developed a technology that records all relevant parameters of the excitation contraction coupling of hiPSC-derived heart muscle tissues in a sterile environment.

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myotwin’s excitation contraction coupling (ECC) measurement records electrophysiology, calcium oscillation, and contractility. This non-invasive measurement enables sterile long-term analysis for up to several months. A high degree of automation throughout the entire experimental cycle ensures high reproducibility and fully automated documentation

Utilize myotwin for efficacy or toxicity testing during the preclinical stage of your research. Reduce the risk of potential drug-induced side effects during the later clinical phase. By doing so, you can expedite your development process and mitigate risks associated with drug development overall. 

Analyse the full excitation contraction coupling

Our non-invasive measurement system simultaneously captures field potential, intracellular calcium oscillation, and physical contractions in up to six samples in parallel. This will help you gain a detailed understanding of the impact a novel substance has on the functionality of the human heart muscle.

Synchronised recordings deliver the full insight

In this example, the benefits of our approach becomes obvious. Tracking all three parameters on the same tissue reveals that a hERG channel blocker leads to evident rhythm disturbances across all individual signals. Only the combined measurement will give you the full picture. Noticable events in the recordings are automatically detected and are analysed in greater depth later on.​

Accessing our service is easy

You choose or design the experiment and provide the substances. We produce the cardiac tissues and characterize them before your experiment starts. This way we guarantee their unprecedented maturity. After executing the experiments in our lab, standardized reports will be returned to you immediately.

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Animal testing has its limits

Animal testing is a practice that has long been utilized in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical research. However, this method faces mounting criticism due to its limited transferability to the human system, high failure rates, time-consuming processes, escalating development costs, and increasing ethical concerns. 

The transferability of animal experiment results to the human system is approximately 70% for efficacy experiments and 50% for toxicity experiments. This limited transferability can be attributed to substantial genetic and physiological differences between species. In turn, these differences heavily contribute to the high failure rate observed in preclinical drug development, which is among the reasons for the steady and significant increases in the costs associated with developing new medications.

The ethical discussion associated with animal testing brings yet another factor, making future animal studies even more complicated.

Our Vision

At myotwin, our vision is driven by innovation and compassion. We are dedicated to pioneer the development of a groundbreaking digital twin of the human heart muscle, meticulously crafted from our extensive high-content data sets. Our vision extends beyond innovation: we aim to pave the road to animal-free drug development. By harnessing technology and data-driven insights, we’re committed to reshaping the future of pharma. Our digital twin serves as a revolutionary platform, enabling ethical and precise drug testing, furthering our quest for safer, more effective treatments while respecting and safeguarding the welfare of animals.

Meet the team

Andreas Meyer-Borgstädt, MBA

Co-CEO & Commercial Director 


Dr.-Ing. Jan Pietras, MBA

Co-CEO & Technical Director


Dr. rer. nat. Hendrik Windel

CTO – Hardware & Software


Dr. rer. nat. Kamilla Gömöri

Senior Scientist

Disease Modeling

Maria Gaysaeva, B.Sc.

Lab Operations & 

Quality Management


Dr. med. vet. Eckhard von Keutz

ex Bayer SVP – Translational Science

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